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Elizabeth Clover

Murder and a Tequila Sunrise Paperback - Book 1

Murder and a Tequila Sunrise Paperback - Book 1

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A beachside brunch cafe, delicious cocktails...and a dead body!

When I left the big city, I thought l'd leave my worries behind. But soon after I return to my small hometown, an ex-boyfriend is found dead. Before you ask, I didn't do it! I wasn't surprised, though. He had muddled his money with the wrong people.

Now, I'm balancing bartending, rekindling my acting career, and trying to leave my past behind. Luckily, I have an adorable and rambunctious puppy by my side to sniff out the red herrings. Romantic sunset strolls on the beach with a handsome newcomer don't hurt either.

When I start getting threatening messages from my ex-boyfriend's enemy, my life is on the rocks.

I'm mixed into a cocktail of intrigue and mystery, and I'm going to serve it straight up.

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